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11 May 2020 by Amy Dunlop

The Strata Titles Amendment Act 2018 came into effect on 1 May 2020. Some of the changes brought in by the Act may affect you and the running of your strata company.

24 November 2017 by Ray Christensen

The Western Australian Court of Appeal has reduced the $25 million Family Provision Act award to the estranged heir of mining magnate Michael Wright down to $6,142,000.

12 October 2017 by Nick Steinsvaag

Are your contracts fair? (And why you should care)

5 October 2017 by Nick Steinsvaag

Can you dismiss a high-income employee unfairly?

12 June 2017 by Ray Christensen

Registering a PMSI against a customer’s ABN instead of ACN resulted in a loss of assets worth $25 million.

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